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It is all about you !!

Posted by Evarist Ruhazwe on April 30, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ

God bless you.Just a little idea to share with you!!!

I have seen many brothers and sisters find it hard to know actually what is the matter in some unpleasant life situation. They always seem to think that it is somebody else's fault. " Had it not been Somebody......." you could hear them say that. There is an existing reality that God guides our footsteps!!!! ' the footsteps of the righteous are guided by the lord!!' Usually God allows some hard cases to pass our way just to see what we could do.

And "always" Brother Branham said, " we could know better who we are when things starts to go against how we thought they should go "how do we behave when others differ with us??? What do we do when others hurt us??  I have realized myself that devil could play a twist to us by showing us what others could have done to us instead on how were we supposed to respond to the arised situation.

God deals with Individuals! And on whatever happens to you there is a perfect will of the lord for us!! We are supposed to seek the will of the lord on any situation and always we will come up victoriously happy.

It is all about you Bro

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