As edited by: Talemwa F. Busobozi - Uganda

Prayer Requests

Post  your prayer Request and we will add it on the prayer list of Our 1 Hour prayer before the Lord in our Local Church. Also thousands of believers out there would be willing to pray with you.


The Lord bless you and know that all things are possible with Faith.

Have Faith in God.

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over a year ago by Elizbeth Pray for me
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lil baby Reece McConnell fighting for his life in hospital

over a year ago by tomaj Pray for me
Plz pray for lil baby Reece McConnell who is fighting for his life plz ask your friends and family and pass it on. He is in need for every ones prayer thank you GOD BLESS

prayer for exames

over a year ago by razz Pray for me
hi sir my name is razz from india. in a few days i will undergo a series of crucial exames so please pray for me

To be apart of you

over a year ago by namujju josephine Pray for me
that may grow stronger in faith,that our school may get more entrants,that i may be sorrounded by Gods favour.


over a year ago by THE YOUTH MINISTRY Pray for me
Fellow believers out there. We are requesting for prayer & support in our current need for a good Ipod. This is intended for Loading Sermons plus Recording Sermons on Youths missions to be posted as PODCATS. God bless you. for more details,kindly write to