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  • To preach the Word, WIN A SOUL FOR THE LORD.
  • To Provide young people both Local & international with Christian DVD's & reading materials




  • To Spiritually empower young people with the End time Message through God's servant and Prophet William M Branham whose ministry fulfil Malachi 4:5-6, Revelation 10:7
  • To Encourage young People into ministry



To the Saints;

We realise there are believers that have been following our movements and recent missions trips. You by now know that we have been having mission trips to Ethiopia since early 2011 (Trip reports in documents page). My family and i are moving to Ethiopia to help establish the believers there. Please keep us in prayers.

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  • lil baby Reece McConnell fighting for his life in hospital

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.... I would like to give you a sort testimony of my life. My name is Ricardo Erasmus. I'm a 44 year old male. I've been born in the message. I grew up in a God fearing home. At a becoming age, I fell in love with a woman. She was a non-believer even though my Late Father had warned me against this.But I didn't listen. I said that I can bring her to believe the message...

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Are you the reason Jesus came to die?
Could you be the reason Jesus is coming nigh?
It's because of you Jesus went all the way,
And now for you HE is coming to stay.

Because of you Jesus hung between thieves,
So that one day you be HIS wife,
It was just for you Jesus paid the price,
Only for you HE laid down HIS Life.

Yes, Jesus bore your shame
Soon some day He'll give you fame,
That is true He lost the pride,
And now today you are the Bride.

Because of you HE appeared in the sky,
So because of you HE is not shy,
To declare to the whole world,
You are the manifestation of His Word.

Will Jesus proudly say,
I am now here to stay?
For I took the cost,
And none of them is lost!

And the world is watching,
For the Bride to be watching,
That when they are playing,
The Bride is busy praying.

Filling oil and trimming their lamps,
For the coming of their bridegroom the Lamb,
Be ready with your lamp brother,
We won't leave you behind sister.

By Sis Irene Njoki; Third Exodus Assembly, Kenya.       


Descending from up on high,
From a throne lifted so high,
Coming down with all glory,
A God, a king, a father so holy.

I have come for one of mine lost,
Knowing in the world mine life will cost,
In the pleasures of the world your eyes are blind
By the life of my Word you will I find.

I will give you a new life with liberty,
By the burdens of the world you're weary,
In my might I will give you victory,
By the waters of The Word will I clean my sanctuary.

Thank you LORD for you grace and mercy,
I have heard and read of the love story,
How on the tree for me you died,
All this time I thought it's another theory.

It has always to me been mystery,
Thank you for your prophet with the diary,
Now I know and see my day,
And how in the air will meet someday.

Lord I thank you for your love, grace and mercy.
Lord am ashamed when I face your presence,
I am not worthy to come near your throne,
For the life of sin I lived when I went away.

In sorrows and death you took my place,
To carry my burdens and become my sins,
Water from your side to wash my filthiness,
And blood to cleanse and sanctify me.

That from the cross I can claim righteousness,
On Calvary Lord you are my Glory,
Lord to cover my shame and wickedness,
To fill my emptiness in the heart.

Thank you LORD for choosing among the blest,
To whom on your chest shall have rest,
Those by your righteousness you have dressed,
And among many to be the best.

You are a kind father and yet gracious,
A compassionate king and still precious,
I will always trust you in The NAME Jesus,
My holiness and my hope of glory.

Thank you LORD for manna unleaven,
And for perfecting me by the seven,
So that my home, my throne be heaven,
In Jesus Christ my hope of glory.

There I shall shout in the sweet melody,
I shall praise in the song of the blest,
And I shall be in a haven of rest,
A dove I shall forever share in your love.


 By Sis Irene Njoki; Third Exodus Assembly, Kenya.