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  • To preach the Word, WIN A SOUL FOR THE LORD.
  • To Provide young people both Local & international with Christian DVD's & reading materials




  • To Spiritually empower young people with the End time Message through God's servant and Prophet William M Branham whose ministry fulfil Malachi 4:5-6, Revelation 10:7
  • To Encourage young People into ministry



To the Saints;

We realise there are believers that have been following our movements and recent missions trips. You by now know that we have been having mission trips to Ethiopia since early 2011 (Trip reports in documents page). My family and i are moving to Ethiopia to help establish the believers there. Please keep us in prayers.

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.... I would like to give you a sort testimony of my life. My name is Ricardo Erasmus. I'm a 44 year old male. I've been born in the message. I grew up in a God fearing home. At a becoming age, I fell in love with a woman. She was a non-believer even though my Late Father had warned me against this.But I didn't listen. I said that I can bring her to believe the message...

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Soberlife Mentorship Outreach 

Welcome to the Soberlife Mentorship Outreach Page here on The Youth Message Site. We are glad to introduce to you our new partner Bro Paul K Mburu of Nairobi, Kenya with whom we are working with in this new outreach mentoring program.

As part of our mission & vision, we believe this outreach will be so much instrumental in helping young people and old alike in this dying & decaying world through their physical and spiritual challenges most especially those battling with alcoholism, drugs etc.

Bro. Paul Mburu a former addict tells his story which can be downloaded on the here: Paul's Memories Alive  


The Alcohol and drug abuse sensitization campaign is an initiative whose main objective is to mentor society into a life of sobriety, simplicity and responsibility. The campaign against drugs involves three key approaches: (i) Sensitization (ii) Mentorship (iii) Interactive session


Paul Sensitizes at Prince Valley Academy in Ngong, Kenya


Sensitization in Kibera Slums

Sensitization begins with a simple but elaborate presentation that addresses the specific issues of drugs in order to equip the young people/audience with the full knowledge and understanding relating to alcohol and drug abuse. 


This is accompanied by questions from the listeners, who ask specific questions where they don’t understand or need clarification. We want the session to be as interactive as it possibly can be. 


In mentorship, Paul who has gone through the life of drugs tells his story. He narrates how he got into the habit, the influencing factors in the process, the many dangers and spill-over effects and the near death condition that drugs put him into. 

This is meant to put the listeners into a real life situation from the experience of a person who was gone through it and cause a mind, attitude and behavior change effect

With students of Valley High School, Nairobi

The Target


The outreach targets mostly the young people who are at risk of getting into the deadly habit. It’s a mostly a preventative initiative; yet it combines also the treatment and rehabilitative options. The target is unlimited to national and international boundaries where an audience ranging from one person to thousands can be reached.



 At the G.O.K, Nairobi West Men’s Prison

At the end of the session, we have an open interactive discussion where participants give comments, observations, feedback and even resolutions from the presentation.

For More info: 

We are available to speak at church youth meetings, prisons, hospitals, schools, institutions etc in order to restore hope to the hopeless, encourage and instill the fear of God in mostly young people and other interested parties.

Feel free to contact us for more information.