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  • To preach the Word, WIN A SOUL FOR THE LORD.
  • To Provide young people both Local & international with Christian DVD's & reading materials




  • To Spiritually empower young people with the End time Message through God's servant and Prophet William M Branham whose ministry fulfil Malachi 4:5-6, Revelation 10:7
  • To Encourage young People into ministry



To the Saints;

We realise there are believers that have been following our movements and recent missions trips. You by now know that we have been having mission trips to Ethiopia since early 2011 (Trip reports in documents page). My family and i are moving to Ethiopia to help establish the believers there. Please keep us in prayers.

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.... I would like to give you a sort testimony of my life. My name is Ricardo Erasmus. I'm a 44 year old male. I've been born in the message. I grew up in a God fearing home. At a becoming age, I fell in love with a woman. She was a non-believer even though my Late Father had warned me against this.But I didn't listen. I said that I can bring her to believe the message...

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A life of  True Christian...

A Life of a true Christian should by all means bear FRUITS(testimonies) just as a tree beareth Fruit. So happy to share diverse testimonies with you on what the Lord has been doing and is still doing for us all.

In December 2009. It was a surprise when 4 Souls believed the End Time Gospel when we did go for a Youth Mission. We entered the new year with joy, the joy of Salvation. I believe every Christian knows that above all things that make God happy is winning a Soul for the Kingdom.

Also with the Youth Message Publications. There are posted every week at the School Notes  Board, Several people have been blessed and some believing the end time gospel....soon, a testimony of a brother will be posted as soon we get it from him. He is now part of the Youths of Mityana Church.


PP Document

I made this a couple of years ago and i was glad to find it on the internet. It actually excited me. Have a look at it here: THE YOUTH OF LAODECIA

Sis.Cheryl Hall's Testimony---NEW!! NEW!!


Dear Young brothers and sisters:


I know this day and age is hard to carry on, but as one that was raised in the Message and had the opportunity to be in some of Bro. Branham's meetings as a child, this is Real!  I have seen many things that have happened and God's healing on many people. 


There was a time over 20 years ago that our next door neighbor's daughter, drowned in their backyard pool  Her mom was calling out to me, and after calling for the paramedics, I ran over to the house and into the back yard where the little 3 year old girl had been pulled out of the water and was laying on the pool decking.  As I was running out the door to where she was, I said "Oh Lord help me!"  I went to the little girl and began CPR on her, her mother was unable to do so because she was so upset, and the little girl was turning darker blue every second.  I picked her up into my arms and said out-loud "Lord, don't let this baby die" and instantly, she opened her eyes, before they had rolled back into her head and were open, she was dead, there was no pulse or heartbeat that I could find, but God for some reason favored me that day, and He through His grace and mercy brought that little girl back to life!  The first words out of her mouth was "Cheryl, I cold!!" She never got even as much as a runny nose out of it and the doctors thought she would get pneumonia, but NO....when God does a work He does it right!!  She is a grown woman today and has children of her own.  God is so good all the time!! 


Be encouraged young saints, there is coming a day when we will look up and our loved ones that have passed on will be standing there waiting for us to take hold of their hands and be reunited again forever more!!  It's just around the corner!!  Oh, I can hardly wait!!  What a time we will ALL have over in Heaven with all the saints of old and today!!  That Wedding Supper Table will be thousand of miles long and we will have eternity to praise God and fellowship with one another.  Just stay with the Word and know that God is a very present help in the time of trouble!! 


I must tell one more testimony...when I was a young child of just 1 year old, my mom had just given me a bath and put me on her bed to diaper me and dress me for church.  Mom turned to get the baby powder and I rolled over onto the hot free- standing gas stove that my dad had just turned off at the foot of their bed.  I began screaming and my mom was going to pieces, so it was up to my dad to take charge of things.  He took me and wrapped me in a blanket and told my mom "We have to get to the church"  which was just 3 blocks from where we lived.  My Dad and Mom walked in and didn't have to say a word because I was screaming and crying and all could see that I was burned on my face and my left arm, but those Saints of God all gathered around me and prayed till God answered prayer!!  They knew how to touch the Throne of God!!  In about 15-20 minutes, I stopped crying and never cried again from those burns!  My parents never took me to the doctor, never did anything to those burns, and I DO NOT have any scars from those burns!!  My lips were burned too, and I took my bottle and never cried from any pain!!  God did a miracle right there and He is still the same God today as He was in 1958!!  My Dad, who is 74 years young, cannot tell that story without breaking down and crying!  He knows what God did!!  My Mom has passed on the Glory, December 12, 1971, but I long for that day to be reunited again with her and all my loved ones. 


God bless you!!

In Christian Love and Fellowship,


Sis. Cheryl Hall

Tucson, AZ. USA


A Testimony of a Young Man's Experience-Uganda


After sometime of Sharing with Him, Brother Charles (12) pictured left had not yet found/known the Real power and force of God which would send a person craving for more of the Lord.

How ever, that Saturday Morning of 12th February was the day. A Brother Peter(18) had a brief talk with young Charles which inspiried him and brought a fire on his Heart.

He Asked me that very morning in a Desperate condition that he thursted for Baptism, the Real True Water Baptism in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. This was the day he had a complete reveletion that the TRUE BAPTISM is in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I went to the Pastor that very Morning and Preparations were made to take him to the Lake for Baptism. We Used Motorcycles for transport and the Job was done. How ever, something which would look as a coincidence happened, i refer to it as Super natural Incident.  Brother Charles of course without knowing what it meant had a t-shirt on with Words: "Jubilee Volunteer"  meaning "volunteering to be free" . It was a wonderful time in his Life.

That evening, Bro.Leo(Pastor) who was taking up a Funeral service somewhere asked me if i would take up the Evening Saturday Service, Mostly Young People attended. I spoke on Samson, Goliath, and King Hezekiah...At the end of the sermon, the church went on Fire, the fire of the Holyghost. Tears of joy and repentence everywhere, toungues, and prophecies, prayings etc .....Brother Charles gave a testimony that it was the first time he felt the presence of the Lord ever in his Life. A wonderful time, wasn't it?

After the service, It was again Charles' Birthday. Another wonderful experience, his mother gave a testimony that the very time he was Baptised in the Morning, was the very time he was Born. Around 9 A.M in the Morning.  So, we celebrated a duo-party that evening...A Wonderful Time and Experience it was For young Charles B. Everist. Praise the Lord.

Testimony by: Brother Busobozi


Bro Ricardo Erasmus' Marriage Experience

 "Don't You Marry Outside The Camp"

I would like to give you a sort testimony of my life. My name is Ricardo Erasmus. I'm a 44 year old male. I've been born in the message. I grew up in a God fearing home. At becoming of age, I fell in love with a woman. She was a non-believer even though my Late Father had warned me against this. But I didn't listen. I said that I can bring her to believe the message. And really I tried. In the end I gave up. She was using pain pills and sleeping pills. Everyday coming from work she was drugged asleep, no food prepared. I got help from a social worker. Together we tried to help her. It was so bad that I stopped going to church. I stopped praying. Didn't care anymore.  It just got worse. Then I had my first heart attack. I got well and tried again. I told her so much about the message of the hour but NO RESULTS!! I gave up again. It  was then that I realized...a believer is higher than a non-believer.”

By now however, she had pulled me down to her level....Than I had my second heart attack. She then looked after me for a week and went back to her doings. When I was better, I went back to church and confessed. I started living for God like I used to. Begging her to come with me. I used to sit in church praying and pleading with God for help. It went on for two years. I told myself I'm not giving up. I'm not turning from God again. Then saints I had my last heart attack. This time it was so severe that the doctors said that I won't make it. I needed a heart. I waited for over a year for someone to die with a matching heart. Then I asked a brother Ron to pray for me so I could get a heart from somewhere. I had faith in God. Two months after I asked for prayer, and I know I've been prayed for all over the world, I went for some cardiac test. Listen to this. The doctors wanted to know. "When did you get a heart transplant? There is nothing wrong with your heart now. Its brand new!" I smiled and said. "God gave me a new heart.
No operation needed. Praise God. Hallelujah! My faith in Him made me well. The wife didn't care at all. She went on with her things. She became so addicted to the tablets. It started to harm her organs. One morning she didn't wake up. I cried as I do now writing this.

Saints learn from me...please don't let lust rule you. What I went through must be a lesson. Don't marry outside the camp. You can't save your partner. God does the saving. If they’re not made for the message then they won't accept it. Don't be fooled or misled. Please don't say after we are married I’ll bring her to believe. SHE WON'T. Nor will HE. God calls! Not you! Today I'm free to love. Never will I ever see lust for love. If you need a lifetime partner, ask God. He will give you what you need and not what you want. It was good that we didn't have children. I thank God today that I can tell young people my experience in marriage with the wrong partner. This time God has blessed me with a sister in the message. If its the Lords will, we will get married in May 2012. God bless saints. I hope that my testimony will be of use to someone out there.

Bro Ricardo

South Africa